John A. Linfoot, M.D.


John A. Linfoot, MD, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Leading Endocrinologist for his noteworthy achievements in the field of Medicine and acknowledgment of his remarkable work in private practice.

Renowned as a triple board-certified endocrinologist, Dr. Linfoot has accrued over 50 years of expert medical knowledge and professional experience in his field. He has garnered a well-deserving reputation as an expert-care physician who is dedicated to providing high-quality care at his private practice and Alta Bates Summit Medical Center.

In his current capacities, Dr. Linfoot offers a vast repertoire of expertise in endocrinology, diabetes, metabolism of diabetics, internal medicine, and nuclear medicine. Throughout his extensive career, Dr. Linfoot has given numerous presentations and authored multiple articles on these specialties, which are consistently cited and referenced by other healthcare professionals.

Well-revered in his field, Dr. Linfoot has never strayed from his passion for medicine. His passion began at a young age, discovering a partiality of chemistry, which eventually prompted the pursuance of his successful medical career. He dedicates his professional life to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of disorders affecting the body’s secretion of hormones such as thyroid problems and diabetes. Dr. Linfoot credits his love of chemistry and comfort in a laboratory as a factor in his success as a healthcare professional.

Dr. Linfoot’s acclaimed medical career began in 1957 after he graduated from Harvard Medical School with a Doctorate of Medicine degree. He received additional training from the University of North Dakota where he earned a Master of Science degree. Soon thereafter, Dr. Linfoot completed both his residency and fellowship at the University of Utah.

In his free time, Dr. Linfoot enjoys the football and basketball teams, Oakland Raiders and Golden State Warriors Super-Fan.
He would like to dedicate this recognition to his mentor, Helge Endistristen, Ph.D.